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The week of February 15-19

Carter Mantra

"Every Scholar, Every Day, NO EXCUSES!"

Carter Coalition Mission

The Carter Coalition is committed to working collaboratively in leading the transformation needed for continuous academic success and equity for ALL scholars. We will work with parents and stakeholders to foster productive relationships to ensure ALL scholars are college and career ready!

Carter Coaliton Leverage Points


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February 23

TEI Expert Meeting @ 4:45 Henderson Auditorium

Schedule your DTR Observations

ED/Principals target is 4 DTR observations

  • Assistant Principals target is 6 DTR observations
  • Content Specialists target is 10 DTR observations
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Monday, February 15, 2016

  • Career Management System (CMS)-window for goal submission will be for central staff
  • Reminder to verify years of service in Oracle

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

  • D.A. Hulcy STEAM Campus Visit- Spot Observations
  • Raising Canes Grand Opening @ 10:00-Carter High School Band
  • Carter High School Campus visit-Carter Collegiate Preparatory Leadership Meeting (AF's and Ms. Torres)
  • Carter High School Campus Visit-Spot Observations
  • Tacky Box presentation @T.G. Terry- 1:00
  • Feeder Benchmark Assessments begin for ALL feeder campuses

Wednesday, February 17 2016

  • Technology office meeting-(Ms. Torres)
  • Collegiate Prepartory Meeting @ 12-Dallas County Schools w/ ED's
  • District Wide Principal's meeting @ 1:00-5:00 pm Dallas County Schools
  • Tacky Box presentation @Weiss- 1:00

Thursday, February 18, 2016

  • Turnaround School Meeting @ Richardson Civic Center 9:00-4:00PM-Priority/IR
  • Patton Campus Visit- Spot Observations
  • Birdie Campus Visit-Spot Observations
  • AASI field trip-Dallas Black Dance Academy

Friday, February 19, 2016

  • School Leadership Meeting 8:15-10:30 @ Haskell (Ms. Torres)
  • Check in Meeting w/Mr. Cordero (Ms. Torres) @ 10:30
  • ED/AF Coaching Meeting 2nd floor Conference Room @ 11:00
  • AASI Mtg. w/School Leadership (Ms. Torres/Mr. Luna) 1:00-2:15
  • Haskell office visit ( Ms. Torres) @ 2:30
  • Feeder Benchmark Assessments end

3-5 Cadre Training Topics for Cohort II (Elementary Principals ONLY)

Dates for Cohort II Training Sessions

  • Wednesday. March 9 @ Nolan Estes
  • Wednesday, April 13 @ Nolan Estes
  • Wednesday, May 18 @ Nolan Estes
  • Wednesday, June 1 @ Nolan Estes

*All Training Sessions will be from 2:00-5:00PM- Send Literacy Coach and 2 strong teachers who can deliver the PD to your staff successfully*


Session 4: Mar 8, 2016 1000002918

This was an exciting week for African American Success Initiative in the Carter Coalition! We had a visit from the Buffalo Soldiers! Students were able to experience a fun and creative history lesson from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Buffalo Soldiers Program. Elementary students were able to engage historic artifacts, participate in interactive fun activities with their peers and get introduced to more fun details! AASI is committed to bringing exciting programming to all Dallas ISD students.



AASI is sponsoring a 'READ IN' on February 20. It is a wonderful opportunity for your mentors and the students to attend this event. There will be a National Acclaimed speaker who is being brought in especially for this event, Out of 8 campuses, only McNair has confirmed that they will be attending. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students who will be receiving a back pack full of materials and books that have been purchased for our students.. Please ensure that you confirm that your campus will be attending this event to Mrs. Rice.

HB 1842 Rollout- 2016 Timeline Update

Please take note of the following 2016 dates for the required development of a Turnaround Plan for Improvement Required 2,3,4,5 campuses:

  • February 22, 2016: Webinar, Tentative topics-board approval, plan content follow up & QA

  • March 28, 2016: Webinar, Tentative topics- Q&A

  • April 15, 2016: DISD Turnaround Plans submitted to Dr. Chernosky for May Board Agenda Item.

  • May 2, 2016: Submission deadline of Turnaround Plan to TEA.

  • June 1, 2016: Board Approval of Turnaround Plans no later than June 1.

  • June 15, 2016: Commissioner Approval of School Turnaround Plans.



10-Master Schedule Roundtable Sessions- (Atwell and Carter)

11- Last day for student transfers to be completed online by parents to be considered as a Hard Ship Transfer on your campuses

28--Master Schedule Roundtable Sessions- (Patton and Barbara Manns)

NEWS YOU CAN USE.................


10th-Master Schedule Round Table presentations for Atwell and Carter

14th-18th- Spring Break


15TH- DISD Turnaround Plans submitted to Dr. Chernosky for May Board Agenda Item

22nd- Nominations for School Counselor of the Year

28th-Master Schedule Round Table presentations for Barbara Manns and Patton



Carter and Wilmer Hutchins Think Through Math Training

For Secondary Math Teachers and Campus CICs

Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2016

Time: 4:00-5:30PM

Location: Barbara Manns @ Nolan Estes Plaza

*Attendees please bring your laptop

Participants will:

  • Understand how TTM incorporates motivation, adaptivity, support, and reporting tools to support student learning.

· Understand the importance of a strong TTM launch

· Understand the placement and benchmark test and how TTM uses a Quantile score to evaluate a student’s math readiness level

· Explore teacher tools

· Understand the importance of school and teacher level motivation and discuss ideas for school based motivation.

· Understand the importance of students using a TTM journal and learn how to incorporate this journal into the TTM implementation.

· Explore the Overview and Student Progress report types.

· Know how to get help and additional training.


Carter Coalition,

My message this week is simple: "sweat the small stuff". By this I mean in a good way, pay attention to the little things that enhances your day. Every minute, of every moment, of every day matters. When we talk about moving from being good to being exceptional, it is because we are paying attention to the smaller things, when added together, this catapults us over the top!

I look forward to engaging with you and your leadership teams in the upcoming weeks, as I visit your campuses. I will specifically be looking for implementation of your ACP Action Plans, targeting student achievement areas of opportunity that were revealed by the Fall 2015 ACP's. I will be interested in the interventions that you have in place for students who are in danger of failing. In addition, I will continue observing instruction alongside you, for my Spring Random SPOT Observations.

Thank you for your continued hard work. This weekend's three-day break will be a well deserved one.

Have an INSPIRED Week!

Ms. Torres

Helping Teachers Stay Sharp and Fresh

From Marshall Memo #623
In this letter to Education Week responding to an article by Scott Sterling on teacher burnout [see Marshall Memo 615 #2 for a summary], Harry Stein of Manhattan College says teachers look “inward, outward, horizontally, and vertically for professional development.” He believes that PD should tap into the five roles that every teacher inhabits:
  • As classroom teachers – At the end of every year, teachers should be surveyed on what training and development experiences would be most helpful to working with their students the following year.
  • As cohort or subject team members – Elementary grade-level teams and secondary subject teams should create PD plans that serve their common interests – for example, a fourth-grade team getting training on formative assessment and a high-school biology team bringing in a consultant to help implement new state standards.
  • As department members – At least once a year, teachers across the grades should think about PD experiences that will make K-12 curriculum and pedagogy in each subject area more coherent and effective for students as they move through the grades.
  • As members of the school staff – There are common PD needs at the school level, some of which can be identified at the state or district level, some at the building level.
  • As part of the district – “Joining together for distric-twide PD would enable educators to know what others in similar situations are doing across the district,” says Stein.

“Burnout avoidance starts with a clear definition of a teacher’s role and function in a district,” he concludes. “Some engagements are self-driven. Others are mutually created. Others are mandated. All should be known in advance of the following school year, properly funded, and aligned with curriculum needs, school objectives, and district goals.”

“Professional Development Should Serve Teachers’ Roles” by Harry Stein in a letter to Education Week, January 27, 2016 (Vol. 35, #19, p. 25),

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  • David W. Carter High School: Principal, Fred Davis III
  • John L. Patton Academic Center: Principal, Leslie Swann
  • STEAM Hulcy Middle School: Principal, Jonica Crowder-Lockwood
  • William H. Atwell Law Academy: Principal, Selena Deboskie
  • Barbara Manns Education Center: Principal, LeTrice Portley
  • Ronald McNair Elementary: Principal, Ariss Rider
  • T. G. Terry Elementary: Principal, Alicia Bradley
  • Birdie Alexander Elementary: Principal, Valarie Kendrick
  • Mark Twain Vanguard: Principal, Derrick Ross
  • Adelle Turner Elementary: Principal, Michael Nickson
  • Martin Weiss Elementary: Principal, Shundra Brown


Our main purpose is to improve student academic achievement.

Effective instruction makes the most difference in student academic achievement.

There is no excuse for poor quality instruction.

At risk students will achieve at the same rate as non-at-risk students.

Staff members must have a commitment to children and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence.