English Immigration

Consuelo and Brian

British Effect on United States

As one of the earliest immigrant groups to North America, the British were responsible for some basic American cultural features, like language,religion, laws, education, and administration. They were also responsible for developing forms of trade and for creating strong American political and cultural links with Great Britain that have continued to even today.
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Why They Came?

The history of English immigration to America began in the 1600`s. North America was called ¨The New World¨ British Immigrants saw this as a new life and could escape from England's king. Moving to the new world would give them religious freedom, economic gain, and a fresh start.
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Getting to the New World

The settlement of Jamestown was the first civilization created by the British when first arrived. The 3 ships that brought the first settlers to thee new word was the Susan constant, Godspeed and Discovery.The 3 all set sail on December 20, 1606. The ship carried 105 passengers and 39 crew members on the 4 month journey.

Susan Constant- 71

The Godspeed- 52

The Discovery- 21


The first British travelers were known as settlers and settled in Jamestown VA. Men out numbered women. John Smith was the captain of the colonist. The first representative government in British America began at Jamestown in 1619.