Cell Analogy

A Cell Analogy to the Lord of the Rings By: Isabella Fagan

Frodo Baggins is like the nucleus because...

He is the controller of the group. he is the most important character in the book/movie. the nucleus is the most important part of a cell and it controls the cell.
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The Light of Earendil is like the chloroplasts because...

The light of Earindil is light that is uses as energy to help protect them from the darkness. The chloroplasts use the sunlight and transfer that into energy for the cell.
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The Black Gate is like the cell membrane because...

The black gate controls what enters and exits mordor. The cell wall controls what enters and exits a cell.
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The Ring is like the cytoplasm because...

The ring surrounds the entire story and the whole middle earths life. The cytoplasm surrounds the cell in a jelly like substance.
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Mt. doom is like the lysomes because...

Mt. Doom is whats dispossess the waste that is destroying middle earth; golum and the ring. The lysomes are what dispose of the wastes in cells.
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The Mines of Moria are like the vacuoles because...

The mines are what hold all the goblins, orcs, and the barlog. The vacuoles are what store the water and the food for the plant or animal cell.
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