Printing Report GRD403

*Wait for registration to give approval before you print.*

1. Post Grades

Under the Report Card tab, choose students and click the green POST button.
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2. Open Report GRD403

From the home screen click on Reports and choose GRD403.
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3. Print

Make sure you print the report in LANDSCAPE mode.
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4. Sign & Turn In

Sign and date each page in blue or black ink and turn in at the registration office.
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Additional Tips:

  1. Grades MUST be submitted by 4pm Thursday 12/22.
  2. No course should use NM (no mark) or AU (audit).
  3. You must set up an Advisory gradebook and hand in P/NP grade sheet for that class.
  4. If you give an incomplete, please provide an explanation of what work will need to be completed by each student in order to earn credit for the course.

Need help?

Contact Ms. Larkin or Mrs. Wimble if you have additional questions.