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About Vietnam

Capital: Hanoi

Population: 88 780 000

Currency: Vietnamese Dong

Language: Vietnamese

Region: South east Asia

Land Size: 329,500km2

Vietnam War

During the war Vietnam split into North Vietnam and South Vietnam. North Vietnam wanted to take over South Vietnam so a war broke out. America came to help South Vietnam but after about 7 years of war America pulled out and left South Vietnam to die under the wrath of North Vietnam and China.

Now Vietnam has united to be one country.

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Vietnamese Economy and Living Conditions

The Vietnamese country folk live in poor conditions in small concrete shaks with straw floors and one room. The econamic freedom of Australia is much higher than Vietnam due to a massive number of people unemployed in Vietnam.

Climate,Natural Reasources and Environmental Issues.

Vietnam produces a range from coal and oil to timber and gas and it also produces rare earth elements. Environmental Issues in Vietnam are mostly because of the war from tanks squashing plants and oil being dumped everywhere.The climate of Vietnam is quite hot in the south because it is close to the equator and in the north it gets colder because it is further away from the equator.

Religion and Beliefs

In 2009 most of the Vietnamese people were not religious but a big change in 2010 showed that most people took up indigenous religions.

Education and Health

In Vietnam, most Vietnamese people didn't go to school because most people were poor but these days more people go to school because education is getting better. In 1980 people got sick because clean drinking water was running out due to suewage system cleaning delays.Today health is much better because people are learning how to help diseases.