Severe Weather Project


Causes of Tornadoes

The cause of tornadoes are the collision of large air masses that are at different temperatures.

The Dangers of Tornadoes

Here are some dangers of tornadoes.

  • Deadly
  • Destroys establishes
  • Can hurt and kill animals and nature.

A little info about Tornadoes.

What to do during a tornado.

Safety Tips.

What to do during a tornado is

  • Hide somewhere underground.If not able hide in a bathtub.
  • Take anything that REALLY is important.
  • Avoid windows.
  • Do NOT go under heavy objects.
  • Cover yourself with thick covering.

Images of tornadoes.

Showing the process of a tornado.

The first 10 minutes of the Moore EF5 Tornado (5/20/2013)

Damage done by a tornado.

VIDEO Tornado damage in Oklahoma 19th May 2013