Whats Going on at Harrison High?

By: Machester Record (Jennifer Stewart)

Why Was This Kid Suspended?

It has came to my attention that a young student at Harrison High has been suspended for singing the star spangled banner? What is going on at Harrison High??

Superintendent Dr. Seymour

I was informed about the young man Phillip Malloy was singing the star spangled banner, so i called the superintended about the issue. I clearly asked Dr. Seymour if the Harrison School District has a rule against children singing the star spangled banner? " Of course not. Whatever gave you that idea? who told you that?" was his response. I told him that there had been a claim his response," Hogwash, Check your sources." I told him that I was right now. Dr. Seymour commented," The answer is no." Clearly there is no rule in the district so why was Malloy suspended?

Principal Of Harrison High Dr. Doane

After talking to the superintendent I thought that maybe calling the Principal of Harrison High might know something Dr. Seymour doesn't. I told her that I was calling about Phillip Malloy's Suspension she responded," suspension?" Dr. Doane had no clue about the suspension! I asked her if a child being suspended would be something she knows about? She said yes, So I continued and said that He had been suspended for 2 days, her comment was,"Discipline problems are in the hands of my assistant principal Dr. Palleni." I con tied by questions and told her that it was a matter of the public, her comment was," Ms. Stewart, You called me up to inform me about something that I have no prior information on." I asked her if there was a rule at the high school of a student singing the star spangled banner? She commented," Of Course Not." The principal of Harrison High had no clue of a young man being suspended because of being patriotic?

Assistant Principal Dr. Palleni

I called to ask Dr. Palleni about this discipline action because is superior clearly said that he handles the discipline situations. I asked him about how he was in charge of discipline He responded by saying," with her" as in Dr. Doane. He says that," I always keep her informed." He always keeps her informed? I asked him if he informed her about him suspended Phillip for singing the star spangled banner, His comment, " I did no such thing!" I asked him again if he informed his superior of the suspension and he responded," No comment."

Phillip Malloy's homeroom teacher Miss. Narwin

I decided to call Miss. Narwin about the suspension, since she is the one who sent Phillip to the office. I asked her about sending phillip Malloy out of her class she said," the boy was creating a disturbance." By singing the National anthem I asked her. she responded," We have a rule." I told her about talking to Superintendent Dr. Seymour and how he says there is no rule. Her comment was," I don't think i should be talking to you about this."

What is Really Going on at Harrison High????