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What comes to being a Landscape Architect! By Alexis H-Stone

What it takes to become a great Arhcitect:

  • Analytical skills: Landscape architects need to understand the content of designs. Landscape architects need to understand how the building’s location and surrounding land affect each other.

  • Communication skills: Landscape architects will share ideas they have, with clients and workers who will help prepare the drawings. A lot of landscape architects also have to give presentations to explain their designs.

  • Creativity: Landscape architects will be creating overall looks for gardens, parks, and other outdoor areas.

  • Critical-thinking skills: When designing outdoor spaces, landscape architects must be able to come up with solutions to challenges that come in their way.

  • Technical skills: Landscape architects use CAD programs and GISs to create plans and designs.

  • Visualization skills: Landscape architects must be able to imagine and see how the overall space will look once it is complete.

Duties of the everyday Architect :

  • You have to prepare site plans and cost estimates.
  • You have to prepare graphic presentations of discussed plans and designs.
  • You have to analyze environment reports and data on the land conditions on which you will be building on.
  • You have to inspect the landscape work being done to ensure that it is following the original plans.
  • You have to approve the quality of work that the employees are doing.

Some Pictures!

The salary range is $62,090 to $101,530

How this job relates to Psychology:

This job can relate to Psychology because in order to be a good architect you need to be able to understand the people and the area that they live in. What the people like and how their style is will depend what the designs being made will look like and how it will flow for the people. This can also help you in your job for communication skills with other people when you need to talk to them and explain your design for it to work.