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July 20, 2020

Hello All,

There will be three Town Hall meetings that the District has scheduled on Tuesday, July 21. These are not mandatory, but will provide information on the current District plan. Many items that have been in the Slack threads will be discussed at that time.

We have not finished an MOU for changes that will happen in the Fall. We are using the information you have provided and we need some additional information from you to ensure that all voices are being heard. Please review the Resource Page. There you will find what was presented to the Board of Education and a copy of the letter from Dana Page on Employee Safety and leave. You will also find the NCOE/Napa County Public Health Dept. industry guidelines that the facilities department is following. We know that this will create additional questions, but we think it is important that we can take those questions to council (negotiations).

We will push out a survey after the Town Hall meetings on Tuesday.

When we have a Tentative Agreement we will share to home emails for a survey of approval.

In addition to the CTA communication from July 10th on Where We Stand on Reopening Schools and Community Colleges, here are the areas we are capturing that are recommended by CTA :

  • Adherence to Health Guidelines

    • Physical Distancing

    • Workload

    • Classroom space

    • Student lunch

    • One-way directions/movement

    • Multiple and assigned entry points

    • Recess issues

    • In-person staff meetings

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or Essential Protective Gear (EPG)

    • Masks

    • Face shields and drapes

    • N95 Respirators

    • Hand sanitizer/soap

  • Daily cleaning and disinfecting

  • HVAC

  • Health screening, testing, notification, and contact tracing

  • At risk members

    • Accommodation Issues

  • Childcare Issues

  • Preparation for Distance Learning

  • Working Remotely

    • Sample: Bargaining unit members shall not be directed or required to report to the district in person while working under the current distance learning model.

  • Access to Worksite

  • Bargaining Unit Member Expectations

    • For districts currently exploring reopening under a distance learning model, we anticipate staff responsibilities and expectations to be more involved and rigorous than those required under the emergency school closure in the spring. Bargaining should include discussions of maintaining reasonable instructional standards and expectations for the delivery of a quality distance learning model that includes meaningful interaction, engagement, and social supports with/for students.

  • Evaluation

  • Assignment of distance teaching v. in-person teaching

  • Class size discrepancies

  • Increased workload


    • Protocols for when someone gets sick

    • Return after illness

This is just the start.

The Leadership Team is working tirelessly on your behalf to negotiate the best results possible. It is a negotiation. We are fortunate that our members have been involved in the development of the options that are currently available. Please be patient as we continue to work the details.

Upcoming information and action on school reopening

There is a lot happening Tuesday:

NVEA Leadership