Michael Jordan

About Jordan

He was born in 1963 on February 17, in Brooklyn New York. He went to The University of North Carolina at Chapel, before he got signed into the NBA to the Chicago Bulls. He had gotten into the play offs and got the rookie of the year award. He has gotten five season MVPs and three All star MVPs. He helped the bulls get to go to six NBA championships. He has also made the U.S Olympics basketball team in 1984 and won gold. He then went to Spain the next Summer Olympics and got gold again.
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How he has transcended our culture.

He has went from being just a college player, to an NBA player, to being one of the best NBA players. He has had shoes made about him, he's been in multiple movies, and he basically owns the Charlotte Bobcats. He also owns many restaurants, and helps a lot for charity. Everyone (or close to everyone) loves him. You usually can't find someone who doesn't know his name. He has done a lot to help out people,he even goes to schools and talks to kids too.



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