Confederate Slaves Freed

Emancipation Proclamation another "win" for the Union

The New York Times

January 1, 1863

Abraham Lincoln has just issued the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing all slaves in the rebelling Southern states. There is now a new motivation for our Union troops-- this war is about slavery, not just unity of the country. As long as the war is won by the Union, millions of slaves will gain their freedom. To add to that, the Proclamation has given us a greatly needed source of new troops-- that is, the newly freed slaves. These slaves, who may have been forced by the Confederacy to aid in their war effort, will now be fighting for their freedom by fighting for the Union.

The Confederate states, who depend largely on slave labor, had the opportunity to free their slaves and be compensated for it. None of the Southern states chose to agree to these terms, and we are now one step closer to winning the war. We may have also gained the support of our neighboring countries in Europe, thereby taking it away from the Confederacy. Things are looking up for the Union, and this war may not have to last much longer. Lincoln's choice to issue the Emancipation Proclamation should prove to be a definite military and political victory for the Union, and this document could truly prove to be the document that abolishes slavery throughout the country forever.