Kinder Room Fornightly Journal

07. July. 2014 - 18. July. 2014

Dear Families:

We have had a very busy fortnight with the Sage Garden Incursion, the reintroduction of Sportz Buzz, Yoga and Music. Recently we are trying to encourage children to increase the sense of connection between themselves and the nature and the world. Enjoy your reading and apologize for the late update of this journal.

Pizza Making for afternoon tea!

We made pizzas using tortillas, corn, tomato paste and cheese. It is such a easy recipe that everyone can make at home! We enjoyed each stage in making pizza, and we add our ideas of what else ingredients we can add as pizza! We enjoyed the pizza as afternoon tea. YUM!

Incursion - Sage Garden

This fortnight Natsha brought Sage Garden to us. She introduced herself and read us a book about growing plants.


Sport helps children develop all sorts of skills including balance and co-ordination. Practice sports help children to improve gross motor skills and understanding of team work. Being part of a team gives kids a great sense of belonging. It also challenges them to work in a group, and encourages them to think of others. More importantly Sport doesn't have to mean competitive teams and expensive equipment but it should always be fun!

From Group 1

Group 2