High School Principals' Newsletter

September 2019

Welcome Back!

Strong Leaders Make Strong Schools!

"What you think is important is what your staff, students and parents will think is important."

If someone were to ask your teachers/principals what 3 things they thought were important to you, what 3 things would they say?

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What a great start to our High School Principal Meetings! Nice job Andy and Jason!

Career Task Force

email Denise Belt if you would like to be on the Task Force Committee: dbelt@geneseeisd.org

Chad Hagstrom-Attendance Liaison Officer

Fax to Family Court: 257-3299

Kathy Richardson/Intake officer

Chad Hagstrom's Phone: #(810) 591-4979

You don't have to wait until 10 days to do mediation. Call Chad so it can be addressed early.

Effective Practices: Competition between classes for the month for attendance; attendance groups; promoting positive attendance.

Kristy Knight (810) 591-7337 and cell: (810) 597-7770 on what is working in Grand Blanc: #schooleveryday. Proactive attendance committee; Bobby Maksymowski (810) 208-7757 from Horace Mann will support schools with attendance incentives ($250). He asks for 5 minutes at a staff meeting, brings food, gift cards for a few minutes to share insurance information with the staff.

Trying to be proactive and preventative. This year DHHS will come with Chad for school level mediations. This diversion coach will be present, with the signature of the parent, to

Go to attendanceworks.org for great ideas and information.

Computer Science Standards DRAFT

State Testing Update - Presentation

PSAT-9 / PSAT-10 / SAT Item Analysis

Poverty Matters-A Listing of All Strategies

for a complete list of all of the strategies:


Welcome to Michael Pillay

Michael Pillay is our new Science/STEM coordinator. He will be coming around to all of the school districts. You can contact him directly @ 591-4408. Please feel free to reach out to him for PLC meetings, science direction, curriculum reviews.
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