Tectonic Vacation Job Roles

Snippet of Job Descriptions

PBL Expert Job Roles

Tectonic Team Leader
As the tectonic team leader, you are responsible for ensuring that your team successfully completes the task on time. You will lead and keep track of all the planning, encourage communication among your team’s experts, and make sure every team member fully understands all parts of the plan. You and your team members will present your final brochure for the Tectonic Vacation.

Plate Identification Specialist
As the plate identification specialist, you are responsible for naming and labeling the plates involved at each location on the travel plan. You must include all the major plates in your locations. You will work closely with the geologist to make sure your plates are labeled correctly with the feature that the geologist explains. During the presentation, you will explain the names of the plates.

As the geologist, you are responsible for finding real-world examples of features created by tectonic activity. You must include an ocean basin, earthquake zone, volcano, and mountain. You may include other features for special consideration. You will work closely with the plate identification specialist to make sure your features are located on multiple plates. During the presentation, you will explain how each feature forms.

Graphic Artist
As the graphic artist, you are in charge of the development of the commercial. You will have to communicate well with the rest of the team to make sure everyone agrees on the appearance of the commercial. In addition, make sure all the geographic features, along with the plates on which they are located, are correctly stated in the commercial.