By: Anna & Diana

What is it?

They are Prescription Drugs (they are also called opioids) they are really powerful drugs they are usually in pill form. They interfere with the nervous system’s transmission of the nerve signals we perceive as pain. Painkillers block pain and give pleasure to get high.

How is it Used?

They can be used like a regular pill or you can eject it you can also snort it to.
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Street Names?

1. Oxycodone (Oxy 80s,Oxycotton, oxycet, hillbilly heroin, percs, perks)

2. Hydrocodone (pain killers, vikes, hydros)

3. Propoxyphere (pinks, footballs, pink footballs, yellow footballs, 65’s, Ns)
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History of the Drug

They have used them for thousands of years for both recreational and medicinal purposes. The most active one is Morphine named after Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams. Morphine was the most powerful painkiller, but it was also very addictive.

Short Term Effects of Drug



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long term effects of drugs




Important Facts/ Statistics to Share about the Drug

In 2007 The most popular drug was marijuana and prescription pain killers, and used by Americans aged 12 and older.There were 785 deaths in Florida in 2007 because of painkillers.
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