Media Matters

October 2012

Scholastic Book Fair (Sept. 24-28)

The Scholastic Book Fair will be in Room 203 next week, September 24-28. The fair will be open Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 3:45 and will close on Friday at 1:30. We hope you'll invite your friends and family to our fair, as well! To see the book fair's class schedule, please click here.

The Science of Cooking

The Science of Cooking is a fun and useful site to explore and explain science concepts to students using familiar examples and references. Categories include eggs, candy, meat, pickles, bread, and spices. Each category has information, recipes, and resources.

Study Shack

StudyStack is a free site that allows students, or teachers to create their own flashcards to use as a study aid. You can also search already created flashcards to use. The site also has activities such as matching, crosswords, hangman and more that you can turn your flashcards into to help study a topic. I like this feature because it helps you learn by going through the material in different ways. As you go through the cards, you can sort them into two piles, correct and incorrect, so that you can review the wrong ones again. You can access your flashcards on the site, print them out, or export them to a flashcard app. Topics/Categories of existing flashcards include Geography, History, Business, Math, Science, English, Languages, Medical, Test Prep, Aviation, Culinary and much more.


InfoGraphics seem to be all the rage these days. Cool graphic designs blend images and words to create an informative story or graphic about a specific topic. There are a multitude of InfoGraphics available to use as teaching tools to disseminate information. This site, InfoGraphic-A-Day, features a different educational infographic daily with discussion questions and activities for each one. Students may create their own infographics using sites like, PiktoChart, and Glogster.

Presidential Debates are Teachable Moments

Frank Baker has provided a valuable resource for you to use with your students in October to help them learn about the election and upcoming debates. There will be three presidential and one vice-presidential debates in October. The schedule is provided for you. You can download a 2012 Presidential Debate worksheet to consider the setting, techniques of persuasion, favorite phrases, rehearsed responses, camera cutaways, and post-debate analysis.

Learning About Elections

The countdown is underway to the election! This site is a "resource roundup" of everything election-related. You can access election basics--past and present--and find lessons, videos, a mock election "how-to" guide, and even some art-oriented activities to interest middle school students.

Ad-O-Matic: Create Your Own Campaign Ad

The National Constitution Center currently offers a neat little tool called Adomatic for creating personal campaign ads. To create your campaign commercial, enter your name, upload or take a picture of yourself, select a political party, select three campaign issues important to you, then let the tool render a video for you. The Adomatic party options are Republican, Democrat, and Great New Party. When you create your video, if you choose Republican or Democrat, your video will be generally representative of the party's platform. The Great New Party renders a spoof video.

Storyboard That

Storyboard That provides you with three frame and six frame templates in which you can create your story. To help you create your story, the site provides dozens of scenes, characters, and text bubbles to fill your storyboard's frames. Each element that you drag into your storyboard's frames can be resized, rotated, and repositioned. This resource could be a good tool for students to use to create simple cartoon stories. Students can also use the tool to create outlines for longer creative writing projects or to script videos they're producing. Note: You have to register (by providing an email and password) to save the project. However, students could easily create their story without an account and when they're finished, click Shift+PrintScrn and paste their story into Microsoft Word.

Math Is Fun!

This site explains math concepts in easy language -- plus it has puzzles, games, quizzes, worksheets and a forum. Be sure to check out the Teacher's Page for more lots of entertaining and educational games and word problems.

Halloween Fun

Here are some fun websites for Halloween:


A spooky, challenging game to test your knowledge of words spelled correctly. Beware: The website "screams" when you open it.

Halloween Hangman

Guess the right letters and solve the puzzle to keep from hanging the skeleton.

Carve a Pumpkin

Using the online tool, use your creativity to carve a jack-o-lantern!

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles

Work a virtual online puzzle and try to beat the clock!