Standing up for freedom & rights

Why do people stand up for freedom and rights?

Rosa Parks

In 1955 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white person. She did that because she was tired of black people getting treated differently than white people. People say she was tired of working so hard that day but that was a lie, she was really tired of segregation and being treated different.

What happened after she got arrested

Where Martin Luther King Jr comes in

When Rosa got arrested Martin Luther heard that she got arrested for a stupid reason. So he started a riot, and lots of African American's stopped taking the bus and walked home. That's when he gave his famous I had a dream speech in Washington D.C. where tons of people came to see it. Soon it started a boycott and that's when people started to listen.

Why it was important what Rosa did

Rosa taught a lot of people that whites are no better than blacks. And that's when the Jim Crow Laws stopped.