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K. Tarver Elementary

UIL Competition

UIL stands for University Interscholastic League. Top students from different schools got to compete against each other at Sanchez-Ochoa. Our Tarver students did great at the competition taking away 10 awards. Total students competing from Tarver Elementary were 56 students. Categories were Music Memory, Oral Reading, Storytelling, Creative Writing, Number Sense, Spelling, Math Charts graphs and Dictionary Skills. The competition took place in the classrooms. They called each category by grade as we anxiously waited for our turn to compete. Once we competed it took less than 30 minutes each some even took 10 minutes. First, Second and Third places were the only ones that got to go to district. As mentioned we had 10 winners. See below some of our great winners!

A Frozen Christmas Celebration - Our Christmas Program

The Christmas Program was an spectacular event. It was on Friday, December 8, 2017. Teachers took time to decide what theme and dance they wanted for the event. The theme was called,''A Frozen Christmas Celebration.'' There were twenty-five different performances in total. All grade levels from PK3-5th got a chance to perform. It took two weeks for students to practice their steps which seemed like a short time but they were able to perfect it! All the students, teachers, and staff worked really hard on making a terrific job on the Christmas program. We had performances to Hip Hop Jingle Bells, Reindeer Pokey Mix, Love Is An Open Door and Build a Snowman. All parents, teachers, students, and staff loved it. The Frozen Christmas Celebration Program was an amazing success!!!

Angel of Hope

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On December 12th and 13th, we were invited to Angel of Hope. A Christmas Giving Program sponsored by Constable Rudy Rodriguez and the Sheriff Department . At the Angel of Hope, there were many characters who brought a smile to our face with their great performances. Characters that were there Clown Bolitas, Elmo, Cookie Monster, McGruff and Santa Claus. There was games like Volley Ball and also they had a rope with knots were teachers and students had to untie the knots with one hand. Also, they provided delicious Chick-fil-A, coke or with an option of water with some chips on the side. They gave all the students presents. There was a raffle which brought much excitement because the lucky one would take home a bike. We had a winner at Tarver for 5th grade, Edilynn Chavarria. At the end Santa Claus, left on a helicopter and all of the students joyfully waved goodbye! That was an amazing adventure for our students!!

AR Fun Day

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Students get an extra day to AR test!! Tarver occasional will host an AR Fun Day to allow students to reach their AR points. We usually get goals provided by our teachers to meet district goal but most importantly for some of us our individual goals. The students have a wonderful time reading books, seeing ebooks on the computer, and even hearing audio books in the classrooms/library. All day students can read to each other and then tested on their own while they tried achieve the best grade of 100%. Other students work in a group to listen to eBooks which are animated. Programs we use that have eBooks are Capstone, Follett and Tumble Books. Later, they test individually to see who would make the perfect score. Our teachers give us prizes for meeting our goals. Treats were passed out and served in the Library for our enjoyment. Most importantly, we reached our goal for the 3rd Weeks.

Book Club

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The Book Club began this school year in October. It is a club that lets us do projects and read chapter books. One of the books we read was Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events. My favorite part of the book was at the beginning when the kids first got the bad news. It left so much suspense having us to want to read more. Ms. Johnson would have us make fun projects based on the book like a "Jackdaw". We used items that reminded us of the book and put them into boxes. Everyone did different ones made with yarn, small items, and print outs. After we finished them we shared them with the class and explain why created the items. The most fun thing we did was also using an app called Padlet. We would write comments and share ideas about the book and it would app on a discussion board. I commented on Padlet that the book was really great! Another fun thing is that Mrs. Johnson gives us all treats so we don’t get too hungry while we read.

CNP Food Expo

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The Food Expo took place on Dec. 1, 2017 for all schools throughout the district. It was hosted at the Civic Center. Students from all elementary schools were bused there. The purpose of the Food Expo was to allow students and faculty to sample new food items from different possible food choices for next year's menu. They had breakfast, lunch and dessert food items. Some of the my favorite items were meatloaf, fruit slushies, and wings. There were also different pizza options like extra cheese, pepperoni, and sausage. At the Expo, there were 15 students from each school within the LISD district. We used surveys to mark which foods we enjoyed testing the most. Also, present was there Martin High School performing Christmas songs. The band gracious band also allowed our school to perform with them. The CNP Food Expo was an experience of a lifetime. For most of us it was the first attending which was quite exciting!

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