Dance Competitions

By:Andrea Licea

What are Dance Competitions?

Dance Competitions are shows that show judges a routine while the judge gives you critiques and maybe gives you a title and award. Dance Competitions began in 1960 in those times when Dance Competitions were first introduced A lot of people thought Dance Competitions should not be a thing since people considered Dance an Art and not a sport.Now days there are more than 100 Dance Competitions in the world.A competitive dancer has to have a good attitude and a healthy or fit body.

A Healthy Dancer

Dance Competitions are fun but challenging if you don't have a healthy lifestyle and take care of injuries properly Competitions may be an issue. Injuries often happen at Dance Competitions.Most Dancers use the R.I.C.E technique for injuries that is Rest, Ice,Compression and Elevation.Eating well is another thing that makes you a better dancer eating fruits ,veggies and protein help a lot and of course being hydrated and drinking a lot of water.