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Queen of Heaven Pray for Us!

Regina Caeli or Queen of Heaven is a beautiful prayer! Check it out!!

A New School Year! What a Beginning!

In the beginning of September there were smiling students saying goodbye to their parents and hello to their new teachers... and we saw that it was good. The older students helped the younger students to get around the building... and we saw that it was good. The morning procedures went smoothly as parents dropped off their students... and we saw that it was good. The afternoon procedures were not as smooth, but we stepped up our game... and we saw that it was better. Now our students are all in their places with bright shining faces! As I walk around the school, I see so much learning going on! From PreK all the way up to eighth grade, students are creating, analyzing, writing, calculating, reading, applying, exploring, and most importantly, growing. We are a learning school, where communication and collaboration are expected and valued as we know that when we work together and listen to one another, we are able to support and empower each other. Faith and reason drive our learning as we seek Truth with humility.
Parent Voice

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Keeping Our School Safe!

A Big Thank You to Senator Paul Corderman!

Senator Paul Corderman and his team have been busy tackling our concerns with the wooded area between the Walnut Street parking lot and the train track. We are requesting that the underbrush and small trees, that allow for hiding, are cleared. This is a bit of a David and Goliath task, as the Norfolk Southern Railroad owns the wooded area. We are incredibly grateful that the senator has our children's best interest!

Join your principal in Hallow’s Saints in 7 Days Challenge! While the app is not free, I highly recommend it as it is well worth the low cost! The app has so many uses to help us to engage in our rich faith. I hope you try it!

We ARE Saint Mary Catholic School!

  • We are a learning school where mistakes are met with compassion and followed by reflection, correction, and forgiveness.
  • We seek The Truth of our world and our Catholic faith with humility, fidelity and fortitude.
  • We are a community that helps each other to become the best versions of ourselves for we are ALL "fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of our Creator."