General George S. Patton

Old Blood and Guts

His Significance

General Patton was and is considered one of the best General in World War 2 and in U.S history. He commanded the the U.S 7th Army during the fighting in the Mediterranean and European theaters. But he is famous for commanding the U.S 3rd Army which became infamous during the fighting from France to Germany while under his command.


During is time in command of the 3rd Army Augest 1st, 1944 to May 9th, 1945. General Patton and his men killed 47,500 enemy soldiers, wounded 115,700 and captured 1,280,688 for a grand total of 1,443,888. Patton was in fact so successful that even after a controversial incident in which he slapped a soldier for being "Cowardly" that the supreme commander of the allied forces Dwight D. Eisenhower could not send him home because he was too valuable. Patton served in 8 different campaigns throughout World War 2 ranging from North Africa to Eastern Europe and finally to Germany.

Background Information

George S. Patton was born in November 11th, 1885 and Died in December 21st, 1945 after his jeep crashed head into a supply truck on December 11th and succumbed to his wounds 10 days later. Patton always wanted to be in the military, in fact he lived and breathed military. When he was 19 he went to West Point and Graduated 43 out 103 because of his mediocre academic scores. In World War 1 Patton served on the front lines in the Battle of Saint-Mihiel in which he commanded the first American Tank force in U.S history. An during that battle rode on top of one the tanks in full military uniform to inspire his men, which worked brilliantly, except Patton was shot in the leg. After World War 1 Patton went on to be promoted several times until he was promoted Colonel until World War 2 started and he was promoted to General.