Andy Doyle and Caleb Wachal

Our Company

Our Company has created an app that can search for recipes based on ingredients in your home. It accomplishes this by taking a picture of your fridge and then recognizing the various ingredients in your fridge, storing that data and then searching through well recognized recipe sites for recipes based on the ingredients you have,

How we make money.

Our revenue will come from the selling of banner ads to restaurants and other food related companies that are relevant to the users.These banner ads would not get in the way of using the app but would still be noticed by the user.

Market Research

76% of people said they would download the app and 59% of them said that they would use the app on a regular basis. Most people who have reviewed the apps that currently search for ingredients based on recipes very poorly. However, they said that they would use app that searched for recipes based on ingredients if it was more handy and simpler to use.