NBTI Overview

A Quick Glimpse of the Four Days

Day One

Keynote: Welcome; AISD's commitment to, Vision of BE; bilingual models (DL, late exit, ESL teachers present)
  • Presenter(s): Olivia, Mary, Oropez, or Superintendent -- Delivery in English and Spanish (add technology)

ELPS, LIAG and Sheltered Instruction

  • Presenter(s): Region 13 -- Concurrent sessions delivered in English and Spanish to give the teachers the option to attend the session of their choice.

Day Two

AM: Additive BE programs; Required elements of AISD DL--cooperative groups, LOI, Lesson Cycle
  • Presenter(s): DL Rep

PM: Required elements of AISD DL--biliteracy, teaching for transfer, compliance and assessment

  • Presenter(s): DL Rep & Lupita Narvaez

Day Three

AM: Required elements of AISD DL: Daily writing, authentic student work
  • Presenter(s): DL Representative

PM: Required elements of AISD DL: LOD, vocabulary and content enrichment

  • Presenter(s): DL Representative

Day Four

AM: Required elements of AISD DL: assessments and compliance

  • Presenter(s): DL Representatives

PM: Smaller groups by grade levels: curriculum docs, resources

  • Presenter(s): DL Representatives

Don't Forget!

Technology must be integrated wherever possible

  • Using apps/websites during presentations
  • Adding videos to the presentation
  • etc.


We should strongly consider presenting the sessions in English and Spanish (depending on presenters, having half of the day conducted in English and the other in Spanish to show the teachers more of how their classrooms may look.

Suggestions, questions or concerns?