Starting a Convenience Store

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Starting a Convenience Store

Enhance your Chances of Good results in Starting a Convenience Store

Starting a convenience store could be an extremely risky proposition. Even experienced operators can encounter some quite strong challenges when starting a convenience store. This is an extremely complex and competitive business.

In addition, the majority of of the owners of convenience stores are small enterprises that may not find it easy to count on the resources larger chains have available. A more recent Nielsen research project showed that above sixty percent of convenience store firms in the United States are single store merchants. Another sizeable percentage involves small chains. These smaller business people face numerous barriers to being successful and most of them are hard to avoid as they are built into the convenience store business structure. To succeed at convenience, you have to offer the consumer competitive gasoline prices and a rather wide array of top quality goods in the store to make your

"one stop shopping" promise a reality. That would mean having the capability to accurately price petrol in a very risky fuel niche and efficiently manage a massive inventory.

How large? Well, the standard convenience store provides over four thousand diverse items and many carry a quite a bit more than that. That is certainly an awfully substantial amount of merchandise to be costed, monitored and replenished properly. Adding to the difficulty of the project are continuous price changes and new product introductions which will make price management a big headache. And then you have the plethora of promos available from manufacturing companies and vendors. Promos are very valuable in building brand loyalty and retail outlet targeted traffic, but they can be difficult to control and account for in margin and inventory.

Plainly, in order for a time-pressed small business man or woman to handle these large challenges efficiently is with a really good collection of store automation software. But which store automation program should entrepreneurs purchase when starting a convenience store? This is simply not hard to answer. C-Store Office provided by Petrosoft is the cloud-base back office option that can deliver big business power for virtually any size business in the marketplace.

C-Store Office records gas costs, sales and inventories and then recalculates pool margins on current gas stocks on every shift. Business owners and supervisors know their correct margin on every single gasoline product they offer every day to allow them to always base their own pricing on strong data. Fuel prices are one of the most highly effective marketing tools a convenience retailer has, and C-Store Office can really help stores get their price right

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