Saber-Tooth Curriculum

Chapter 2

The Players of Chapter 2...

  • New-Fist
  • Conservative Tribe Members
  • Three Thoughtful Thinkers

New-Fist Sees a Need...

  • New-Fist sets up the first educational goal believing that people need to teach - will provide the children with a higher quality of life.
  • New-Fist created first “subjects” – fish grabbing with bare hands, clubbing woolly horses, and driving away saber-tooth tigers.
  • Discovered that learning was more fun if it had a purpose (give their education meaning – useful life skills versus playing with colored stones).
  • Children of the tribe with education had advantage.

The First Curriculum!

Conservatives Are Not Happy...

  • Conservative members questioned the new curriculum. “New” is scary and threatening the Great Mystery. (Much like those who view sex education or evolution in school as a threat to their religious beliefs.)
  • New-Fist points out that change is the will of the Great Mystery
  • Eventually, the conditions changed and the educational curriculum was insufficient to meet those changes thereby causing the quality of education to flounder (standards were not meeting the needs).

Attempts to Implement a New Curriculum Are Rejected...

  • Three thoughtful thinkers thought of ways to take what they had learned in school and innovatively adapt it to meet the needs of society.
  • Old Conservatives did not see value in fishnet-making, antelope-snare construction, and bear-catching as those were not part of a “real education” but just mere training (think vocational schools). Why teach skills that would be applicable to life?
  • Old men argue that we don’t teach with the purpose of a specific skill set but rather general skills that do not ever change regardless of conditions.
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