PBL 4-war on drugs

Reba Carnley,Andrew Faulk,Breanna Atkinson,Julian Martinez


We are trying to stop the war on drugs. How can we make a more efficient plan to stop South American drugs from entering East Texas. By:Reba Carnley

Past Plans

Police patrol are area for drugs,and they check surtion areas with dogs.by: Andrew Faulk


We should stop spending money on ideas and Just make the ideas better by starting with checking more thoroughly so we can find drugs in vehicles.

The possible problems we might have is that we would be spending too much time on one thing.

The positives are that not as much money is wasted.

Our plan will be in effect until a new plan comes into effect.

It is inexpensive and works.

by Julian Martinez


The problem is ill eagle drug trafficking and our groups solution is spend more time making ideas better.

The state of Texas should try our plan because its better than spending more money without results. Breanna Atkinson

what did i learn?

I learned the drug trafficking is a big issue. Reba carnley

I learned that drugs are not safe for our country.by: Andrew Faulk

I learned some of the ways they smuggle drugs by:Breanna Atkinson.I learned that some drugs are fatal or deadly.:by Julian Martinez.