FDA Drug Rules and Regulations

The FDA regulates advertising for prescription drugs

FDA Limitations for Regulating the Advertisement of Drugs

The FDA does not regulate advertising for over the counter drugs, but only for prescription ones. Most advertisement for drugs do not have to be regulated by the FDA before they are first aired. This is because of certain laws that are in place that prevent the FDA from regulating drug commercials before they are aired. Once the advertisement is aired, if there are issues with it, then the FDA can send the company a letter asking them to either change their ad or take it down.

Effectiveness of the FDA's Rules and Regulations

What the FDA is able to legally on regulating drug ads is only semi-effective because many people could see the ad before it is reported to the FDA. Also once it violates the FDA's rules and regulations, a letter is sent to the company who distributed the advertisement. If they do not take down the ad or fix the mistakes eventually, criminal charges can be filed against the drug company. These violations could possibly be life threatening because someone might see an ad for a prescription drug that they think might be good for them, but the ad has incorrect information about the side effects. This could potentially lead to someones death, because of certain symptoms a person could develop for the drug. So far this year there has been about one warning letter for violating the FDA's regulations sent out per month.
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