Causes and effects

Millions of people who invested into the boom market in 1928 Lost all of their money when the market collapsed , although at the time it seemed like an good investment it may have triggered economic turmoil .

Hoover's policies

The financial centers of Europe soon felt the crash on Wall street. Hoovers first major decision concerning the international situation was the worst mistake of his presidency The effect was to reduce trade for all nations, both the national and international economies sank further into depression. Hoover knew that some government action was needed to pull the U.S economy out of its doldrums so he supported and signed into law programs that offered assistance to indebted farmers and struggling businesses. Unemployed workers and impoverished farmers decided to take direct action to battle forces that seemed to be crushing them. Hoover was a lame duck . He became part of the twentieth amendment which shortened the period between presidential election and inauguration.

Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal

F.D.R expanded the size of federal government ,altered its scope of operations and greatly enlarged the powers of the presidency. In his campaign for president Roosevelt offered vague promises but no concrete programs. During the early years of his program were to serve three R's :Relief , Recovery and reform. The people that Roosevelt appointed to high administrative positions were diverse. Roosevelt called congress into a hundred-day-long special session enacting more legislation than any in history.

The Second New Deal

In the summer of 1935 the Second New deal was launched. The new legislation concentrated on relief and reform. The reform legislation of the second New Deal reflected Roosevelt's belief that industrial workers and farmers needed to receive more government help than members of the business and privileged classes. The social security act effected almost all Americans
Roosevelt and the New Deal Part 1
FDR & Second New Deal Part 1