A Rape on Campus

By: Ryan Avalos

What Happened

A Rape on Campus is an article that talks about the horrific events that happened to one new college student at a party at the University of , and the número use events that happen at all universities under the radar. A young freshman college girl was invited to a junior fraternity party where she was eager to go. She was excited to be going with a well looking date who treated her well until everything took a tragic turn. The young girl was taken to a room where she was raped by 6 men cheering each other on while she was defenseless. After everything was done she was left alone in the room unconsciousness until she woke up later that night. She stormed out of the party that was still going on and found friends who she hoped could help her. Her best friends got in an argument over wether they should tell anyone because they were in fear of their college reputation to be ruined. Sadly this wasn't the first time that such a terrible event happens at colleges as it happens in about every college and goes unnoticed. Many young innocent girls have been raped and drugged than you can count and nothing is done about it. It has become the norm of today's universities as even some students told her "just get over it, it happens". Most students wont even report these events because they care more about wether they will be a cool kid than doing the right things. Friends turn each other's back on each other just so they won't be seen with the "girl who cried rape".


It is sad to see that such a terrible thing can happen and nothing be done about it. There are many untold stories of events like these happening and they are untold because the person is to scared to say anything because things will actually become worse if they do tell. Many times the girls are blamed instead of the ones doing the raping. People tend to cover it up by saying "she deserved it", "well she was drunk", "she shouldn't of dressed that way", and "boys will be boys". Many of the students are scared to tell of what happened to them because society will look down upon them. If they tell, the student will no longer be cool and her "college reputation" will be ruined. It's is so bad that even their friends will turn on them. Society is so fixed on its image to not be seen as the cool kid and it forces people to just be ok with what happens to them. Also the colleges are also too scared to do anything about it because they do not want to have to handle with the pressure of a girls rape story to go out and be heard. No one wants to take responsibility. This isn't only seen in colleges and in rape stories but in every day life. Everyone is too focused on other peoples view on them and their "reputation" that they aren't able to do what is right or needed to be done or they don't want to be seen as the person who snitched.


There wasn't much empathy shown in this article at all. No one cared about what had happened to this girl or even tried to help her. Her friends were to scared to help her and be seen with her. The school did nothing to help her and the universities hardly do anything to stop these things from happening and would rather keep it all under the radar. As a reader I feel much sympathy for the girl and everyone else who has had to go through the same thing. No one deserves to have that happen to them and especially have no one there to help them and have their back.