O2 Tips & Tricks

Just a few Tips to help you as you begin your O2 Journey

Business Cards

Business Cards are only allowed to be purchased from one vendor that has been approved by the Nest. It can be found https://flyersdirect.com/origamiowl/?p=select-template&id=1
They are very high quality cards with beautiful photos.

Jewelry Bar Displays

How do I set up my Jewelry Bar? Each designer has their own creative flair or style. There is truly no wrong way to set it up. The company "suggests" we stick to their color palette, Aqua, White, Linen busts with Pink Accents, but you can deviate from that without any problem. You can purchase items from the Back Office if you wish but you are not required to get them from there. I purchased most of my display items from Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Marshall's & Home Goods. I used a sheet as my tablecloth until recently when I used my Hoot Loot to purchase one from the Back Office.

How to Host a Jewelry Bar

There are no hard set rules. Arrive anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes early to allow yourself time to set up properly & still be able to greet the guests as they arrive. Don't be surprised if people immediately head for the jewelry bar. Once everyone arrives, introduce yourself & thank your hostess for hosting the Jewelry Bar. Explain how Origami Owl was started and then talk about the product. Depending on time & how interested they seem you can play a quick game. I very seldom play any games, most people are too interested in playing with the charms & making lockets but if it seems slow you can.

One quick game I can give you is the Business Card Game. Hand a business card out to each person as they arrive. After you have done your presentation, tell them to get out the business card you handed them. Say, the first person who can call me will win a free charm (obviously this only works where cell service is possible). After you declare a winner, proceed to say, Now that you all have my number in your phone...save me in your contact list as (Insert your Name) the Origami Owl Lady.

Now allow the guests to come up & play with the charms & lockets. Have some catalogs available to look at. I suggest purchasing a few clipboards to attach order forms to. Tell them to fill out their information at the top of the order form & if they feel confident on their order to go ahead & fill out the order form. Otherwise come see you to help them fill it out (Order forms cost money...don't want to waste them).

Make sure you have some small cash with you for change (probably $30 - $50 in $1, 5 & 10 should suffice & some coins). If you have a smart phone, get a card reader (Origami Owl has partnered with PayAnywhere but you can also use any other company if you prefer - I use Square). You can take Personal checks if you feel comfortable doing so.

Where can I get Banners & the Like

There are many local places I am sure that you can try. I have purchased most of my things from http://www.vistaprint.com . I usually wait until I find a Special through Groupon.com. They have one every couple of months $17 for $70 (you can purchase $70 worth of product for only $17). That is how I purchased my Banner and many other promotional items.

Things I suggest purchasing from Vistaprint
  • Banner
  • Rack Cards (think of the long information cards you see everywhere when you are on vacation - they have pictures & info on front and back. Great to hand out at events rather than catalogs which can get expensive.
  • Promotion cards (I have a Thank You card that I give each customer. It entitles them to 1 free charm on their next purchase).
  • Signs - A lot have made the Steps to Making a Living Locket Poster into a Larger sign. (I haven't done this myself but I hear a lot of people say that it will tell you your resolution is too low but will still print fine)
  • Notepads - I took the Raffle sheet (4 to a page) that can be found in the Back Office and cropped it down to fit on the notepad. Then I just pass around the notepad to get information on each party attendee & it's all together until I tear it off.

What is a Hostess Packet?

A Hostess Packet is what you give to your party hostesses at least a few weeks before the party if at all possible. I usually include a couple of Catalogs, about 4 order forms and a personalized Hostess Letter from you (see an example of mine Here. I also include the following that can be found in the Back Office (Hostess Guide, Points of Difference & Hostess Rewards sheet). I tell the Hostess to take up as many orders as she can prior to the party from those that won't be able to attend & I usually tell them I will not accept any orders after the party ends that night. It makes it way too hectic to keep it open any longer.

How to Place Orders

Check out this tutorial on my Dropbox page Here.
The only information that has changed since this was made is on the last page at the top. We can now enter more than 50 items (sku's) at a time.