A problem that is still in our world today

The issue of racism

Racism is a still a big problem in our world today. I want to discuss about racism and how wrong it is.

Who does this affect?

This issue affects to basically everyone. Just because they have a different skin color doesn't mean they're any different from us. So, this issue really does affect everyone.

The memorial

I think that there should be a memorial for the issue of racism. The reason I say that is because people should be reminded about the issue of racism. It is wrong. By the memorial there should be a quote from Declaration of Independence saying that all men were created equal.


I would like this memorial to be placed in Washington D.C. I say that because Washington D.C is the most visited place in America with the most memorials. People would be reminded about the issue of racism


My goal for this memorial is to help people be reminded of the big issue of racism that is still a main problem in our world today. Another goal of mine is to help end racism.