Fun Extra Curricular Activities


WMS Football

One of the many activities at Warren Middle School is Football. The purpose at Warren is to build character. It also builds: Teamwork, Trust, Reliability, and Humility. But one of the challenges is that the practices start at 6:45 AM and for bad behavior is punished with punishment


Another activity at Warren is Art. The purpose of art is to build creativity.You can donate supplies or money; you also get to have your art featured in an art show if chosen. But don't act up of you will have detention.

WMS Chess U.I.L.

One of the many clubs at WMS is Chess U.I.L. The purpose of Chess U.I.L. is to show how clever you are. It also allows you to show your: wit and cleverness. You also get to see your friends. But the bad thing is you just learn about Chess and for the "Tournement" is you take a pen and paper test.

WMS Off Season

One of our unique training programs is Off Season. During Off Season you will work on: Agility, Strength, Speed, Conditioning, and Mental Toughness; you will also work along your friends and team mates. The coaches will not tolerate bad behavior which results punishment.