CCMS Weekly

February 1, 2016

Super Bowl Week

There are so many jokes about the Broncos and white jerseys and San Diego......who's got the time.

Upcoming Events

Faculty Meeting Today

Meet in the auditorium at 3pm.

Grades Due 2/3

Grades must be in by tomorrow.

February CIP 2/22

We will be meeting in the Auditorium to start. Tina and Jeremy will be here for a quick presentation on School Tool. Social Studies will be in B-13 with Nancy Maguire right at 3pm.



All students were assigned a new password. These passwords were shared with you via Google Docs. Please take a moment to remind students of good password practices (kind of like locker practices). Don't share your information with anyone, even your best friend since preschool. Make sure students write down their info in a safe place and if they think their password has been compromised or stolen, it can be changed. If they appear to be locked out double check the password on the Google Drive and then contact Frank Bishopp.

This is also a good time to check your own password practices.

You're Hot and You're Cold

If you are too hot or too cold in your room please feel free to send an e-mail directly to Walter Moran and let him know you would like the temperature raised or lowered a bit. Please cc me. He will adjust the temperature until it reaches a temperature that is more comfortable for you and your students.

Sub Issues

If you have an issue with a sub who is in for you or in for a colleague let us know ASAP. We will come down and address it immediately. District Office is trying to screen subs as fast as they can and we are trying to ensure we have hard working subs in the building.

Now that we are in the second semester, please make sure you have up to date plans in your emergency sub folder as well.


Please make sure you are putting in for personal days with more than 48 hours notice and you are checking to be sure they are approved. If for some reason you need an emergency personal day please email me. The absence does not go out for subs to see until it is approved.

Items for Lamination

If you need items to be laminated please drop them off with Debbie Hannigan in the library between 8-2pm. She is happy to take care of laminating them for you. Most reasonable sized jobs can be done same day but please plan in advance.

Scareware Threat

There is another virus/scareware threat circulating. As a general rule of thumb. If something happens to your computer, do not try and fix it yourself, enter codes or submit any personal information. Just call for help. HELP!!!

OUBOCES Winter PD Catalog

OU BOCES has just released their professional development catalog. It can be found here:

Please take a moment to browse through.

Links to Checkout

Super Bowls Apps

Seriously...Anything that has "on crack" in the title is worth a try....right?