Spears Elementary Fourth Grade

Week of: August 29, 2016

Our Mission and Vision

We do WHATEVER IT TAKES to ensure every child is successful.

S-serve others with kindness

P-possess high personal expectations

E-expand our knowledge

A-appreciate & accept diversity

R-respect our school and community

S-seek lasting relationships

Upcoming Dates and Events

September 2: Huddle/Newcomers Breakfast

September 5: Labor Day - No School

September 16: Movie Night

September 22: Picture Day

September 27: Curriculum Night



Students will work on rounding numbers as well as estimating sums and differences this week. We will also practice comparing and ordering numbers to the billions place.
Fourth Grade Math

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Parent's Guide to Digging Deeper into Math

Click above for an explanation and examples of the math we will be covering during our first unit cluster.


Students will learn and review science lab tools and safety rules. Students will create a lab safety poster using chromebooks or ipads.


Class Read Aloud: Tiger Rising

Readers will explore how to create procedures for finding books that they want to read. Readers will also work on a synthesis retelling by retelling only the part of the book they've just read, then summarizing the related backstory.


Writers will generate ideas for stories by imagining the books they wish existed in the real world and by thinking about issues in their lives. Writers will choose a "seed" idea and begin to develop characters by creating their internal and external traits.

Social Studies

Learners will explore and learn about the Six Flags over Texas.

Spelling Words

*Each week's spelling words will also be sent home every Monday in your child's Reading Homework Folder. On weeks with a Monday holiday, spelling words will be sent home on Tuesday.

Spelling Words: middle, solve, return, among, subject, myself, title, chapter, preview, prewrite, badge, badger, fiddle, twiddle, there

Challenge Words: inquiry, electrify, significant, crisis, prerequisite

Fourth Grade Tid-Bits

  • We will eat snacks in the classroom daily at 9:00 am. Fourth grade will be a "nut free" zone during snack time.

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