Twedt Times

November 13th

Veteran's Day

On Monday, November 9th, the class participated in the Veteran's Day assembly in the gym. Master Sergeant Jason Hill gave a wonderful speech about the importance of having integrity and his experiences with the Air Force. Mrs. Kosak then led the entire school in singing the song "The Brave" as an honor to veterans, service men and women in attendance. I'm very proud of the respect the class showed during the assembly!

Open House

Following the Veteran's Day ceremony, families were invited back into the classroom for the morning for Purdy's annual open house. The morning consisted of snack, a "professional" reading of the book Hatchet, word study, reader's workshop, and math. It was great to have families visit to see what happens in the classroom.

New Chromebooks!

On Monday, Mrs. Daly rolled in a new class set of Chromebooks for our class to use the rest of the year. It goes without saying how excited the class was to have brand new devices for this school year. As their teacher, I am really appreciative of the district's support to have devices for this class, since last year's 1:1 experience. I'm looking forward to creative learning opportunities ahead!
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Quick Update on New Units

Math- We finished Unit 3 on geometry and will start Unit 4 on Monday. Unit 4 focuses on division and the use of partial quotient algorithm.

Science- Last week the class finished their FOSS plane experiments. This week, the class will be working on building catapults and identifying variables that affect the catapult system.

Reader's and Writer's workshop- Our new Unit of Study will focus on the theme of Collaboration. A lot of the first unit will be reading about how collaboration worked during the Civil Rights Movement in American history.