Thin Wood Walls

BY: Peyton McKenrick


11 year old Joe Hanada and his family are Japanese. They go to get their Christmas tree and when they get back they here from their family friends that japan bombed pearl harbor. All of their neighbors suspect them for being Japanese spies. Then the government takes Joe's dad because they think he is a spy for japan. Then Joe's family gets sent to an internment camp, with days of boredom and concern for his father, and for his brother who joins the American army to show the bravery and loyalty of Japanese American citizens.


JOE HANADA - Joe is 11 years old and living with his family in White River Valley near Seattle.

MIKE HANADA - Joe’s 17 year old brother is desperate to prove his loyalty to his government by enlisting in the Army. He is forced to become the head of the family after his father is taken away by the FBI after Japanese planes bomb Pearl Harbor.

TOMIO HANADA - Mr. Hanada, a well-respected member of the Japanese-American community, is taken away by the FBI at night almost immediately after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

MICHI HANADA - Mrs. Hanada attempts with courage and grace to make their one room shack with “thin wood walls” a home for Joe, Mike, and Grandmother

GRANDMOTHER - Joe grandmother is a fiercely proud woman who refuses to let her adopted country tell her she is the enemy.

SANDY FARROW Sandy first meets the Hanada family on the train to the War Relocation Camp at Tule Lake.

MAE MIZUNO - A former classmate of Joe’s, for whom he writes a gentle haiku. She is a whiz at marbles and even manages to win a few from Joe.


White River Valley- Where the Hanadas lived when the Japanese bombed pearl harbor.
Internment Camp- Where the Hanadas were sent because they were Japanese.


Even though people can mistake you for someone who is bad, it doesn't always mean you are bad. Back in the times of World War II, all of the Japanese Americans had to live in Relocation Camps, and they couldn't live in the same area as they had previously lived in.