Character Analysis

Fixed or growth mind

I believe that Hamlet has a growth mindset because of the way that his mind changes. His mind about things changes as the play goes on, Different events occur as the story evolves. First,- Hamlet is engulfed with the death of his father. He knows nothing else but grief over that fact that his father who jus recently passed away but also the fact that his mother wed his uncle in such a flash. When Hamlet says, "Nor windy suspiration of forced breath/no, nor the fruitful river in the eye." (1.2.78.) he means that not the winded breaths or the heavy crying are appropriate for the occasion.

Then Hamlet discovers that his uncle the one to blame for the death of his father. Hamlet's mind diverted from grieving to getting revenge. All Hamlet can think about is exposing his uncle and trying to figure out if he really did kill his father. He does this by having play characters re-enact the scenario of the murder of king Hamlet. "My father's spirit in arms. All is not well./I doubt soul play.Would the night were come./ Till then sit still, my soul/ Foul deeds will rise." (1.2.254.) what Hamlet means here is that he should discover is the foul play is real or a hoax. His soul should stay calm because if the foul deeds are indeed true then bad deeds shall arise. As the play goes on, he discovers that and he goes on this adventure. If Hamlet had a fixed mindset, I believe there would be no story because he would not go on this chase and leads him to witness all this bad luck and eventually his own self-destruct.

An explanation to Hamlet's madness?

Hamlet may be seen as a mad man by some or a complete lunatic by others. However, I believe that there is a reason for Hamlet's madness. Imagine having your father pass away, then discover that your uncle was the one to blame. However it does not end there, your uncle has also married your mother and take your father's place as king. How would expect Hamlet to react to such and atrocity? Any person with a heart or a love for their family would react the same way.

Hamlet's ultimate downfall?

The scene that made me realize Hamlet began to head downhill was when the ghost of his beloved father unveiled that he was murdered. If it was not for this scene, Hamlet would have not gone mad and consequently, there would have been no story. Everything mad that Hamlet does throughout the story is because of the murder of his dad. His search for revenge drove him to make rash decisions and eventually to his actual death. As Hamlet tried plotting justice to be served to his uncle Claudius, the king himself was trying to get rid of Hamlet as well. After killing Polonius the king has Hamlet sent to England to be killed but the plan does not go as he wanted. Hamlet returns, still in search for revenge as the king plots with Laertes to murder Hamlet. With a fake fencing match and a poisoned tip they planned to end Hamlet. However, Hamlet in madness kills Laertes and the king and little to do with the situation Hamlets mother drinks a poison substance that was made for Hamlet and dies as well. All this story unfold after Hamlet realizes who is his Father's murder, if not for this one scene there would be no story in my point of view.