By: Peter Konstantin Mirnitchenko


The flag combines the colors of the flags of the Kingdom of Croatia, the Kingdom of Slavonia and the Kingdom of Dalmatia. Those three kingdoms are the historic states of the Croatian Kingdom.


As of December 04, 2015, 1 US dollar buys 7.04 Croatian Kunas. Against the dollar, the Croatian Kuna is 45% stronger than the average currency for all countries (12.70). Kuna can be expressed through coins too.
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Population (people)


Net Migration Rate

1.47 per 1000 people

Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons


Birth Rate

9.53 per 1000 people

Death Rate

12.06 per 1000 people

Fertility Rate

1.44 child(ren) per woman

Low Fertility Rate

Fertility rates below 2 such as this indicate Croatia's population is both declining in size and rising in median age, which is currently 41.8 years old.

Average Sex Ratio

0.93 male(s) per female