Pearl S. Buck Elementary

January 15, 2016

A Reminder: School is CLOSED on Monday, January 18, 2016, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Safety Drill

Pearl Buck conducted a lock-down safety drill on Friday, January 15th, at 10:30 AM. Students and staff received compliments from both the attending Fire Marshall, and our Director of Security, Mr. Fiedler.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Reminders

Please be sure to pull-up as far as possible before unloading your children. In addition, please say your goodbyes as quickly as possible. We want everyone to be able to be on their way as quickly and as safely as possible. Thanks for your cooperation!

PTO Place

  • January 21st- School Store during lunch. We still need volunteers. Please go to the link below and sign up.

  • January 29th- Pizza Bingo 6pm at Maple Point cafeteria. More information to come. If anyone is interested in shadowing this event this year, please us know. Our moms that run this event will be leaving at the end of this year and we need someone to take over, next year. Please contact PTO President, Elaine Shubin at if you can help with this event.
  • February 11 - NOVA (Network of Victim Assistance) will present an information session "Growing Up Mobile" about keeping your child safe in the world of social media. The presentation will begin in our library at 7:00. This is a presentation for parents and guardians. Content and discussion may not be appropriate for children.

How do your metrics measure up?

Second grade students continued to show their skills using metric measurement this week. This time, Mrs. Junod’s 2nd grade class was having mounds of fun being measuring maniacs!

"Alas, Dear Giant!"

The students in Mrs. Boyle's class acted out the story, "The Foolish Giant" from the SuperKids Reading Program. Each group created an alternate ending to the story and presented to the class. It was great to see their imagination in action!

Volunteer Clearances

ALL parents/guardians are required to have clearances to volunteer at school. To apply for clearances, please access the link on the District and Pearl Buck homepages.

Better yet, here's the link!

Volunteers are required by law to have criminal and child abuse clearances. Clearances are free for all volunteers. If you are volunteering 10 hours per week or more, you will need to obtain a TB test. In addition, our PTO can assist Pearl Buck families with free notary services for the volunteer paperwork.

Did you know....?

    • Martin Luther King Jr. graduated from high school at age 15, fully three years before he was expected to. He also received the title of valedictorian of the class.

    • Before and during his time as a civil rights activist, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist preacher at a small church in Montgomery, Alabama.

    • Martin Luther King Jr.'s idol was Mahatma Gandhi.

    • Martin Luther King Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 and was the first African American to receive that award.

    • Martin Luther King Jr. wrote more than 10 books, four of which were best sellers — "Stride Toward Freedom" (1958), "Why We Can't Wait" (1963), "Where Do We Go From Here?: Chaos or Community" (1967) and "The Trumpet of Conscience" (1968).

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