Stop The Slavery

Jack Mullinex

Slavery is killing off human population.

African Americans are being killed every day due to slavery. They are humans too. Keep the population of humanity of all races. They may be different, but they are still humans. Skin color doesn't matter, life does. Slaves were kept under control using Slave Codes. They took away most of their rights. Slaves weren't allowed to get married, learn to read or write, or own property. Slaves are whipped for disobeying like, slowing down work, burning crops, refusing food, attempting to commit suicide and running away. They can be severely injured and even killed. The slave ships are tightly packed with slaves back to back squashed next to each other. The slavers would have a child with a woman slave to make more slaves. They are not meant to be used for profit, they are meant to live like normal humans. A difference in skin color doesn't mean that you can torture them. Stop the slavery! Stop the Death!

Location to start a team to end the madness.

8000 Stop Slave Rd.

Next to the cheese shop.