The Mentee Minute

September 2015, Volume Two

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The Mentee Minute

Greetings, GaVS faculty, and welcome to the second edition of The Mentee Minute!

The fall semester has started off beautifully, and I am impressed, daily, with the correspondence and enthusiastic collaboration between the mentees and their respective GaVS mentor. Just outstanding!

For the month of September, The Mentee Minute explores the Professional Learning Series on Gaming in the Online Classroom, highlights the Celebration of Ten Years and the Fall 2015 PLS, and offers a variety of tips and resources to integrate into daily instructions or file for a future lesson or date.

Please take a moment to review the section on Accommodations and the accompanying link to the Teacher Toolbox.

As always, comment freely and enjoy the second edition of the MM.

"Rolling Out" a Game in the Classroom

Let's Celebrate! Ten years of GaVS!

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Fall 2015 Professional Learning Symposium

Saturday, Oct. 17th, 7:30am-4:30pm

3410 Ronald Reagan Boulevard

Cumming, GA

Shawn Mendes & Hailee Steinfeld - Stitches (Acoustic)

From the GaVS Mentoring Team

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Positive Communication (Jeana Worley)

Take a few moments after each Assignment Due Date to send a few "Great Job" emails to students and parents. Parents and students really enjoy the positive communication and the images or graphics are always certain to engage both parents and students!

Tip of the Issue! Game-based Learning (Joyce Bearden)

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Game Templates for your Adobe Classroom

Game Night Professional Learning

Games + Learning = FUN!

Join in the fun on Monday evenings as GaVS instructors play, build and share games for your Adobe classroom.

Games on the Agenda

9/14 - Scratch off, Tic-Tac-Toe, Crosswords, Tokens

9/21 - Animal Race, Drag n Drop, Honeycomb Game, Beat the Timer, Fast Fact

9/28 -Scrabble, Pyramid, Chutes and Ladders

10/5 - Jeopardy and Candyland

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Gamification Engaging Student with Narrative

Edutopia blogger Alice Keeler shares tips for getting started with game-based learning.

Super Teacher Tools

Fun online game templates like Jeopardy, Who wants to be a Millionare and Speed Match.


Great gaming tool for Bring Your Own Device and Blended Learning Settings.

Grading and Providing Feedback (Mallory Kirkland)

There are several different ways to provide meaningful feedback for students but also save time for yourself!

1. Using Stamps for Feedback

Stamps can provide a fun, informative way for students to know what they need to correct in their submissions:

2. Using Videos and Links as Feedback

Videos and links as feedback can supply further depth of the content; they can also give students insight regarding concepts that they might not understand fully:
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3. Using Questions as Feedback

Questions provide the Socratic type method of feedback where students might have to think a little deeper regarding the topic. Discussion forums are a great place to use the Socratic questions.
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Grading After a Due Date

When grading after a due date, and an assignment is late, make sure to include the following:

1. The late work policy

2. The date the assignment was due

3. The original score before late points were deducted

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Teacher Toolbox: Special Needs

Mark the Calendar!

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Tip of the Issue from the Carrie Madden!

Many of you have a large amount of students to keep track of during instruction. How do you keep up with whether students are logging in/working before the due date draws too near? A fast, first step is to run a Course Access Report from each course's Insights Portal.
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Set the date range for the last due date, sort by number of logins, and you can instantly see last login date.
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Following up with a quick TheSIS email about our daily login policy and the upcoming due date may help some of these students get back on track. It doesn't capture every non-worker, but it's a quick first step in distilling the activity in your class. Next step: look at your gradebook to see who has submitted assignments!

Jane E. O'Brien

Teacher Training Specialist, Georgia Virtual Learning
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