Come to Our Blood Bath!

We will be killing zombies all night long!

The Zombie Apocalypse is Here!

The dead have come back and are hungry for flesh. We are going to have a party, and kill as many as we can!

Zombie Killin' Time!

Friday, Dec. 21st 2012 at 12am-11:45pm

5629 Kalas Street

Madison, Wisconsin

Bring all the guns, ammunition, and homemade explosives you can! :) If you can bring some torches and Humvees that would be great!

Agenda for the Day

00:00 Hours- First we will set up fortifications so we can last as long as possible!

01:00 Hours- Still building fortifications, maybe having a snack and some storytelling as well.

02:00 Hours- Fortifications should almost be done by now, the first few zombies should be arriving.

03:00-12:00 Hours- Lock and load boys! The hoard will be coming now!

13:00 Hours- The hoard will be thinning out by now so time for lunch! It will be a potluck style so bring a dish!

14:00 Hours- Whoops! We missed a few, looks like the fighting is back on! Hope you don't get PTSD!

15:00-18:00 Hours- Most of us will be dead by now! Don't fret though, we burned their bodies! :)

19:00-23:00 Hours- We're on the run now, almost to a new safe point. No turning back now!

23:45 Hours- Time to blow up the Nuclear reactors now! Not comin' home!

Things to bring!

See you there! :D