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February 14, 2022

Makerspaces and STEAM in the Library

The Maker Movement has definitely made its way into the school library over the last several years, usually in the form of Makerspaces that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) activities and resources.

A Makerspace is a collaborative space in your library that encourages creating, sharing, exploring, and learning. It may contain craft supplies, building materials, 3D printers and pens, robots, drawing materials, devices with technology and coding apps, and so much more!

Students may access this space during free time before or after school, as a class during the school day, or perhaps on an as-need basis or even by special invite.

Libraries can also highlight the importance of both STEAM and reading by creating displays with STEAM-related books and resources. This provides a great connection for students, and may just get those STEAM-centric students to pick up a book!

In SDSL's free databases, you can find a variety of STEAM and Makerspace related activities and articles. And, of course, there are so many resources available on the internet. Check out the Choice Board below (with resources from both) that you can share with your students! It's also fully customizable, so you can change any of the choices before sharing if you'd like.

*When you click on the Choice Board, you'll make a copy, and it's all yours! There's even a blank board included.

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The School Library Scoop with Scottie

Episode 18: STEAM and Makerspace Resources

I hope you're enjoying this new platform for short tutorials on school library services, technology tips and trends, and so much more. If you have suggestions or requests for future topics, please click the "Topic Suggestions" button below. Past episodes can be viewed on SDSL's YouTube Channel.

School Library Scoop with Scottie: Ep18 STEAM & Makerspace Resources

*This is a fast and furious overview of some of SDSL's free databases that have STEAM resources! The resources that I cover are Science Reference Center, Miss Humblebee's Academy, Explora Educator's Edition, and WorldBook Advanced.

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Looking for More Makerspace Ideas?

The North Dakota State Library has a great libguide about STEAM and Makerspace Programming. It contains articles, website links, book suggestions, resource ideas, and more.

Check it out here:

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1 Different Makerspace Concept

Listen to this podcast about how one high school is taking a creative approach to meeting its students' social emotional needs through a Makerspace.

2 Makerspace Bulletin Board Ideas

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3 Articles about Library Makerspaces

Check out these articles from some of SDSL's free databases that discuss library makerspaces. There are plenty more where these came from!

From ProQuest:

Vocation Spots: Library Makerspaces Can Be Springboards For Career And Technical Education

"The needs of such programs quickly outstrip the amount of tech in a traditional classroom, and many school libraries have become the hubs where students access specialized tools and information sources required for CTE. Equipped with makerspaces, focused databases, professional journals, and tech manuals, the library vibe can feel like the kind of workspace where career-minded students hope to end up."

From Teacher Reference Center:

Making a Place for Makerspaces in Information Literacy

"Traditional literacy and makerspaces not only can both hold a place in our libraries, they can do so simultaneously. When libraries include makerspaces, they have not only provided physical resources to their users but also have facilitated an opportunity for them to physically explore

a topic of interest through provided resources rather than simply reading about it."

From Academic Search Premier:

Makerspace Tune-Up 2.0: Looking into the Future

"When we do one-off activities that don’t synergize with other activities, we create a 'star' skill, isolated from others. Makerspaces are wonderful opportunities for cross-pollination of skills, so consider how you can strengthen connections between the 'stars' to create constellations of learning instead."

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