The Healing Spell

kimberley Griffiths Little

The Healing Spell

The Genre of my book is Realistic fiction. The main character is Olivia, or livie. she is very adventurous, she dose not like girlie things like dresses or going shopping with her mom, she likes digging in the mud for worms, or swimming in the bayou that is next to there house. Livie has a secret a huge secret, she is responsible for her mothers coma.

Livie's problem is that she has to find a way to wake her mom up before it is to late.

My favorite scene in the book is when livie went with her best friend Jeannie, to Miz Allemond's house. She is a lady who can cast spells, and cure people when they are sick. Miz Allemond's house is out of town where livie is not allowed to go,so when Livie gets to Miz Allemond's, house she is wondering if she should go in.She dose not want to get in trouble but eventually she decides that she should go in in the house, for her Mom. When she goes into the house there is green moss everywhere!, and a funky smell coming from the other room. When she goes into the other room Miz Allemond is standing there making some sort of tea. Livie tells Miz Allemond what happend with her mom,and how she is the one who put her mom in a coma. Miz Allemond understands why Livie wants the spell, she gives her the spell to help her mom,But it is going to take some work and sacrifice.

My favorite thing about this book is the main character Livie. She is very adventurous, and she really different from her little sister Crickett and her older sister Faye.They are both into going shopping and dresses and flowers just like her mom, but Livie is not. She like playing out side getting dirty and swimming in the bayou next to her house. She sounds like she is really fun and funny.

My recommendation about this book is that if you like books with magic and drama this is the book for you,but for me personally it was not the best book I ever read.I am more into action books, this book did not have much action.

Do you think that the spell that MIz Allemond's spell will work?If it dose work do you think that Livies mom will wake up? You have to read the book to find out.

Ethos,Logos,and Pathos

[Ethos] I am reading a book called the healing spell,it is a really good book,it is about a girl who is trying to wake her mamma up from coma. [pathos]But she is having a really hard time trying to figure out how to wake up her mamma.What if she can't wake up her mamma what if she never wakes up?! [logos]But when she makes the decision to go see Miz Allemond, [a lady who cast spells to help people] and try to fix everything without any one figuring out that she was the one who put her mamma in a coma.