Viking Mission

Mission to Mars

When and Who?

On August 20, 1975, the first Mars spacecraft was launched; it was Viking 1. Viking 2 was launched two weeks later.
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What are they?

Each spacecraft consists of a Lander and an Orbiter.
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What was the Landers' job?

  • collect samples of the Martian soil
  • take 360-degree photos of Mars
  • monitor climate changes
  • measure wind speeds
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NASA's Viking Missions to Mars 1975 - 1977
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What was the Orbiters' job?

The Orbiters' job was to orbit Mars in search of a safe landing spot and send the coordinates back to earth. Also to receive the signals from earth and send them to the Landers.

And to:

  • take photos of Mars inner moon Phobos
  • carry the lander and to drop the lander in the right spot
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What did they find?

The Viking Landers and Orbiters found:

  • volcanoes
  • lava plains
  • immense canyons
  • cratered areas
  • wind-formed features
  • evidence of surface water
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Viking on Mars
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Viking: First U.S. Mars Landing
A day on the Planet Mars : 1977 Viking footage
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