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Statesville Road Elementary's Weekly Newsletter

Principal's Point to Ponder


You inspire me! When I think about how well our first 9 days of school have gone, I am inspired. You put in extra work over our summer planning days. You have created engaging, rigorous, integrated units that will challenge our students to go beyond their normal limits of thinking and performance. You have embraced the notion that we as a staff control the culture of our school. You have transformed your classrooms into visually appealing spaces for learning. You are working through the new lesson plan format and feedback procedures with thought and perseverance. You have ensured that your students know the cafeteria expectations as you prepare to begin duty free lunch this week. You all have accomplished a lot in 9 days and we've only just begun! Nine days in and, yes, I am already tired, but when I think about the great group of educators who come into the doors of Statesville Road every day to serve our students, I am energized and proud to partner with you in the transformation that is taking place. Thanks for all you do!

What's Happening This Week?

General Information / Expectations

  • Blue Cards: Please turn in all completed blue cards to Ms. Florence in the front office.
  • Sign in Sheets: Please turn in all sign in sheets from Open House to Mr. Sadler's box.
  • 21st Century After School Program: The 21st Century After School Program will partner with our school again this year. The program will serve 2nd and 3rd grade students. 2nd and 3rd grade teachers will have applications and information in their boxes to send home with students on Tuesday of this week. Transportation will not be provided for the program this year. The anticipated start date is October 10th and the program will be held Monday - Thursday each week.
  • IB Unit I Summative Assessment / Performance Task Rubric: Grade level chairs: Please work with your team to develop and turn in the rubric for the summative assessment / performance task for Unit 1 (Who We Are) to Walser by September 23rd.
  • The Project LIFT celebration will be held this Thursday evening at Spirit Square. Please refer to reminder emails sent last week and be sure to RSVP for this event. Project LIFT has planned a grand celebration in your do not want to miss it!!!

Monday, September 9, 2013 (Day 5)

  • 3rd Grade EOG Pre Test (Practice Test)
  • 2nd Grade Reading 3D Assessments (TAs to cover classes)
  • Lungarini at Evaluation Training (AM)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 (Day 1)

  • 3rd Grade EOG Pre Test (Reading Comprehension)
  • 2nd Grade Reading 3D Assessments (TAs to cover classes)
  • Lungarini at Admin PD (AM)
  • 6:30 -- PTA Meeting (multi-purpose room)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 (Day 2)

  • 2nd Grade GogAT7 Testing
  • 5th Grade Reading 3D Assessments (TAs to cover classes)
  • 3:30pm -- STAFF Meeting (Media Center)

Thursday, September 12, 2013 (Day 3)

  • 2nd Grade GogAT7 Testing
  • 5th Grade Reading 3D Assessments (TAs to cover classes)
  • Sadler at Title I Meeting (AM)
  • 5:30 -- Project LIFT Celebration (Spirit Square)

Friday, September 13, 2013 (Day 4)

  • 2nd Grade GogAT7 Testing
  • 1st Grade Reading 3D Assessments (TAs to cover classes)

The Flight Recorder