Indoor pollution

By: Jonny Rodriguez

Causes of indoor pollution

Indoor air pollution is caused when the household does not have good or supportable air vents for the household. Or the household brings in outisde gases which can raise the humidity level and temp of the house.
When coming intact with drugs such as cigars or any other cigar like substance, the air begins to pick up that air and it ruins the household air inside. And that's when ventilation and natural air comes in. If the ventilation does not work then it's a really bad choice to smoke inside the household. Therefore it can seriously harm a child with a birth defect or a lung promblem or any type of sickness that harms breathing. Also natural air can enter the household by opening a window or opening a door a little. Something as simple as that can help your house become more environmental friendly.

Ways to prevent it

Always keep a stable temp of humidity in the household so the house does not get to hot inside. If it does it begins to make the walls rot and make very weird smells in your household. Another way to prevent is vacuum always to get all the chemicals and dust mites out of your carpet so they don't stay there. By doing this it can prevent molding in the carpet and keep the house clean. Also NEVER SMOKE IN THE HOUSE. This can seriously hurt many kids yet many today still do it

How do you know you have indoor pollution

A way to know you have indoor pollution is that if your house is very warm or hot very often and u can see some chemicals or gases in the thin air. Also you can spot mold on the walls or bugs might be a reason you. So this is why we need to keep out environment safe in our household so this doesn't get out of control and we don't have to suffer threw this promblem and make it more big. I hope this opened your eyes thank you.