Jean Piaget

By Sean Slamon

Know for his epistmological studies

Biologist and psychologist Jean Piaget was born on August 9, 1896 in Neuchatel Switzerland. He was his parents first child. Piaget’s mother Rebecca Jackson gave his early interest in the science to his own neurotic tendencies. Yet Piaget’s father was a medieval literature professor named Arthur modeled a passionate dedication studies a idea that Jean Piaget began from an early age. Jean was 10 years old Piaget’s fascination with mollusks drew him to the local museum of natural history where he stared at specimens for hours on end. He was 11 when he attended Neuchatel Latin High School. Piaget wrote a short scientific paper on the albino sparrow. By the time he was a teen his papers on mollusks were being widely published. Piaget’s readers were unaware of his age and considered him an expert on the topic. Piaget was most know for his epistmological studies with children. Epistmological is how the human mind understands.