Chin-Kee Grabs Peoples' Attention!

American Born Chinese

In this book, the most obvious theme is stereotypes.

There are many examples of stereotypes in this book, but mostly Asians and Americans. The feeling of being judged by the color of your skin and trying to change your identity to someone you're not just to please other people. This happens in many times in the book, in both Jin/Danny and the Monkey King's worlds. For Jin/Danny it begins on page 31 the second box, where a troublesome boy retorts to the teachers introduction "My momma says Chinese People eat dog."(31) In my opinion this is a very important part of the story because this is when Jin first begins to understand that he will not be acknowledged as a normal kid in his new school. For the Monkey King this moment is when Tze-You-Tzuh tells the monkey that he does not "make mistakes, little monkey.Another quote in the book, "You want to eat some crispy flied cat gizzards wiff noodle?"(144) shows a very stereotypical diet for Asians. It also shows a strong stereotypical Asian accent.

American Born Chinese is a great book that talks about a Chinese boy growing up to realize his true identity.

The main characters in this book are Jin Wang and the monkey king. Jin is a boy who wants to change his identity as a Chinese to an american. The monkey king is a monkey that plays a big role in the book. He symbolizes Jin and how he changes his identity to a God where as Jin changes to an American.

Jin is a Chinese boy who moves to another school. Everyone calls him names and he has no friends until another Asian boy moves into the school. His life starts to go well and he stars liking a girl, but she is American. Jin thinks that he has to become American for her to like her back so he becomes this guy name Danny. Everything seems to be going well until Danny's cousin Chin-Kee comes and ruins everything. Danny finds himself his true identity when he has a battle with his cousin Chin-Kee. He turns out to be the monkey king trying to find Jin's true identity.

American Born Chines is a great book for young adults!

Gene Luen Yang

Gene is a multiple comic awards winner but he is best know for American Born Chinese.

This book has won the Michael L. Printz award.