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Middle College Update 12/4/14

Hello, Families!

First, let me take moment to wish all students and families a happy holiday season. This break between semesters is an important time to refresh, reassess, and then return with a new commitment for the spring. I feel good about this past semester; the kids have worked very hard and I appreciate their striving to meet my expectations on a daily basis. I never assign homework between semesters because I believe in making it a true break--and I try to do as little work as possible myself (am hoping to make progress in an ever-growing stack of good books by my bed). I also want to thank so many of you parents who have been so supportive in a variety of ways.

Happy Holidays!

(I've already discussed this "Movember" mustache-situation with the husband and am hoping to see my real husband again soon)
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Two more weeks! Just one week of instruction remaining before finals begin!

  • Next week is a normal schedule, though all students will have additional study time each day from 12:30-1:20 in order to prepare for finals.
  • Starting on December 15th, college classes will only meet for their final. See the schedule posted below via the link provided.
  • Middle College classes will meet Mon-Thurs that week on a modified schedule -- also noted below. There are college finals on Fri 12/19 and make up finals for MC, as needed.
  • The semester ends on Dec.19. High school grades will be posted on Infinite Campus; college grades will be posted on WebSmart on 12/31.


All rented textbooks must be returned to the bookstore by noon on 12/19. Look for a reminder from Chris on textbook returns.


  • The Middle College office will be closed from 12/19-1/4 -- Chris will be back in the office on 1/5.
  • MC classes will resume on 1/12.
  • Our classes will meet from 10:30-1:00 on 1/12-21.
  • Monday 1/19 is a holiday. College classes start on 1/22 and MC classes will revert to their normal time of 12:30-3:10.
  • Please note: regular curriculum instruction will begin on 1/12 -- there will not be orientation activities.

Schedule changes

Students who earn a D or F in a college class must repeat that class if they continue in MC -- I will make schedule changes as soon as I can if needed, and let you know that I am making schedule changes.